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Where the intellect meets senses, where the mind meets the heart, where logic meets creativity, where matter meets the sacred, there you experience the infinity.

Renata Hamsikova

Welcome to my website, where I'd like to inspire you to create, create and create even more. I have been walking the path of discovery and wonderment for some years. But it is only in the last ten years that I have started to understand the essence of life. An intense feeling of love flows over me now and then, while watching a sunrise or trees in blossom or meeting ingenious minds and authentic people.

You have to dare to live based on your authenticity, from your core, to feel the beauty of the creation and the infinity within. From there, all is possible and all can be reached.

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Renata Hamsikova

I am an artist... and a writer... and a photographer

"Creating, feeling the energy flow through my body and mind, eternaly connected to all what is, is the true art. The truest beauty appears not through seeing but through feeling."

Why choose when you can do everything you like? There are days when you will find me in my studio, dirty hands, dirty clothes; there are also days when you will find me writing, sharing my knowledge and experiences in context of this beautiful opportunity called life. When still dark and quiet in the very early mornings I am writing poetry and philosophy. On some days I would do completely nothing, so that new inspiration would emerge and a new wave of creativity would manifest in the visible. I need the input of stillness, of touch, of sharing, of solitude, which all keep me alive. And you know what? On some days I make a tiramisu (own recipe) and my kids get crazy!

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