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Paining is a personal evolution. When I am painting, feelings, ideas, images, fluid movement is passing by and is being translated in colours, shapes and layers. It is a delightful activity which keeps my energy flowing. I feel completely alive and free.

My paintings are stories and when you feel a pull toward a painting, a pull from your heart, the paiting wants to be with you. Almost all of my paintings are for sale and when you are interested the only proper way to choose if a painting resonates with you is to feel it. Therefore a visit to my studio is neccessary. Make an appointment, I'll be glad to talk to you and there is no obligation what so ever. If you leave with or without a painting, you will be inspired and moved anyway 🙂

Here are some impressions of my work and studio. See you soon in Hoorn (North-Holland)

A concept of the infinite...

The infinite grids of chaos

My paintings personate the infite structures of our universe, which I feel as grids, dangerous erruptions, unpredictable movements, yet always logic and structured. The deeper you feel, the more structure you see. You realize how precious life is and how bloody lucky we are, walking here, move one leg infront of the other, sipping wine, as if nothing has happened.

... then there is the micro cosmos

Trees, grass, water. How often do you actually observe the micro cosmos under your feet? I could lie a few hours on my belly making photographs with a microlens. When you look at the nature throug a magnification a whole new world will appear in your sight. Take time, lie down and feel. It is a forgotten skill, to slack up and to enjoy. Nothing in particular, just the moment in front of you.

and suddenly you will find yourself in a hole. And you are not even Alice.

Apart of the infinite I like to paint the tiniest  and hidden world of nature. There is a connection in both. Why should man travel and seek new living spaces on another planets when he even did not learn how to care for this one? There is this wonderous world just infornt of our noses, yet many people are trained to not leave their cubicle. The cubicle of their mind.

How are you doing?

Well, a cup of coffe is ready in no time...

so let's make an appointment and come to see some of my artworks. I'll be glad to meet you.


+31 622511886 (the best is to use WhatsApp message)

Contact me

Do you have any questions about the paintings of would you like to just drop me a line and share your thoughts or your paintings or the process of credating? I'd like to hear from you, whatever the subject.

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