My writings are about the art of love and the art of being free. In my book The Light In You there are more than two hundred poems and thoughts, which came straight from my soul. They always do. I couldn't have written it any other way. Normally, in the very early morning, I would sit in my living room and get inspired by my feelings. By the feelings of my heart and by messages which I hear within. I could never write as ordered. Therefore, the writings on this website as in my books are for your soul directly from mine.

The Light In You

It was a beautiful experience, to write this book and as far as I am concerned it is not the last poem and photography book I will be creating!

The poems, thoughts and photographs in this book are mirroring the aliveness and reflection of a clear mind that lives from its intuition and from its heart.

People who have read the poems have been touched by them, feeling their humanity and pleasantly surprised that someone can depict humanity like this. The humanity in you can only be felt after you get rid of all the conditioning of society.

But... don't despair. The book will inspire you and if you need an encouragement while becoming yourself, contact me!

The book is printed in a special format so that you can keep it close to your heart and carry it wherever you go. For it is written directly from my heart to yours.


"The world will trouble you as long as any part of you belongs to the world. It is only if you belong entirely to the Divine that you can become free."

"With all this researching in the world, with all this finding of scientific proof... Have you ever researched who YOU really are? Do you have a proof of that? Are you real or are you a bunch of ideas of someone else?"

"I walk this path with my head held high, in love... And that the human in me desires something is... human. That the divine in me desires nothing is... divine."

"The truest beauty appears not through seeing, but through feeling."


The wine we drink

By Renata Hamsikova

The wine we drink together reminds me of our journey
Where do these grapes grow?

Dry soil, windy hills, open plains, marshalled and independent anyhow
This sour grape becomes the most delicate fluid
Which only could originate through loving and determined hands

Your hands, your strong, yet tender hands, are guiding me to surrender
Through your hands I sense your soul
And give you my loving touch, as my sensitive hands caress your skin

In deep love, in deep humility, touching the most sacred there is
A soul, a beautiful, exquisite soul of my beloved

The wine we drink together, holds our story
En confiance

The Light of Your Soul

By Renata Hamsikova

The light of your soul is shining upon me
It catches my innermost essence
And encourages it to grow
To grow high and wide, infinitely
The light of your soul feeds my freedom

Your Dream

By Renata Hamsikova

You were living a future war which isn’t yours
Yet, you feel responsible

A terror caused by ill masculine energy
Competing, making their point
Over the corpses of the innocent

It is not your war
As YOU are a true warrior of the heart
A bearer of inner strength and integrity

The new energy on Earth
Where love wins over terror

Buy the book The Light In You

This book is a magical book and you will feel it, because it is talking to you IF you are open to it's magic! Feel the love in yourself, feel the tenderness of your soul, feel the strength!

Other publications

I have written several publications, based on my work as a coach of profoundly gifted children and adults. These books and articles are in Dutch. You can find out more here:

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