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Mystical poetry and photography to inspire you becoming your authentic self.

There are books which will inspire you and will keep doing so continuously because they change lives for good. This is one of these books. The Light In You is already in you, you only have to realize it - to feel it. Because this is a book which talks directly to your heart!

You know who you are, you know what you need. It is hidden under the layers of anguish, practicalities and daily living. Feel again and start to wonder as you used to when you were a child.

People's minds are systematically influenced by media and the ruling order, darkness is being created. The light in You is systematically extinguished, even in very young children. The Light in You lets you escape that fake reality and inspires to create your own universe. Light will always drive out the darkness. Especially in these times, you have to create your own renaissance by designing your own universe and, if you have children, pass that on to your children. This way you will always remain independent and free and will make choices based on who you are and not on opinions of others. Make a decision! This book will certainly inspire you to do just that.

From my heart to yours,

With love, Renata Hamsikova

About the book

Compiling this book has been a special journey. The book is, in fact, a developing document of a free spirit becoming even freer.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can't progress until someone inspires, fires and encourages you. Then you dare to take the next step, then you feel the direction you need to go in. Your vision is clear again and the path starts to unfold before you.

And it is striking that the freer you become, the more you start to feel your natural self again and the more creative you become.

The poems in this book were created completely spontaneously, without any design, instruction or training. They flowed out of me and I wrote them down at that exact moment. The same applies to my photography. I've had a few photography lessons and I've been photographing since I was fifteen, but the photos themselves are without a technique, they arise from my intuition.

I hope the book will inspire you and move you and that you will keep it close to your heart, for it is written directly from my heart to yours.

By buying the book you are as well contributing to the conservation of nature and animals, as the whole yield is intended for The Jane Goodall Institute!

"It is your duty to become yourself. Because only then can you make a meaningful contribution to the whole."

In my work, I investigate unexpected truths about everyday life—and identify ways we can live from the transcendent to the concrete. In my art I only create from the transcendent, because something else is not possible.

Via deze weg wil ik je even laten weten dat zowel mijn zoontje als ik enorm van je kunstwerk 'The light in you' genieten.  Bedankt voor dit boek vol oneindige liefde, inspiratie en levensvreugd en een hele fijne dag!

Hartelijke groet, Mariëtte

By Renata Hamsikova

I sit here at the waterside and gaze at the horizon. You said to me the other day that I am open as no-one else is open… Yet, is exactly that not the basis for intimacy? Dropping the masks, the defence, the oppression, the inhibitions and being completely naked in front of the other? Most people are afraid of it. They want intimacy but don’t dare to be themselves and don’t actually want the other to be themselves. Always, there are preconditions… A human is beautiful in their simplicity, life is beautiful in its simplicity. It has a certain simplicity… being yourself, innocence, trust, love, openness. It’s pure…

By Renata Hamsikova

From my beloved’s seeds I grow a rose garden
In the moist soil of my soul
I am the scent of midnight forest
Where he can find me with his open heart

An eternal love affair between two souls, between two essences, born in the heavens
Thriving in the rose garden, nurtured by our tender hearts
The intangible, where we meet, feeling even if we can't touch the skin
Because it is the song of our soul that uncovers us

By Renata Hamsikova

The deep blue sky at night binds us
Beyond all depths
Covering the bounds of the world

It is the stretch of pure brilliance, deep blue moving to deep black
Revealing the light within us through the popping stars

Reminding me of us
Constantly feeling the sweet sacredness of our hearts
There is always light in darkness
There is always love in the world

The light falls from the sky in cataracts of pure transparency
You can almost hold the air in your hand
Deep blue as in a painting of Picasso
The night lights up everything
Every night has a scent of its own

There is no outside
There is no inside
There is us in all

By Renata Hamsikova

Sakura in my garden

Fragrant jasmine blossom curling slowly in the teapot
Everything renews itself
Everything evolves
Feels comforting

So is the sakura season
The pops of pink
The smell of my tea
It reminds me of us
Swirling, blossoming, changing

There is such an elegance
In this dance
There is such a subtlety

Where fire merges with water
Where air merges with earth
Creating something new

I feel it, this balance
Under my sakura tree


... and support the nature, as proceeds go to The Jane Goodall Institute, for the conservation of our enviroment.

By ordering the book via this website (and not a bookshop), a larger net profit will remain for the charity.


I'm so glad you made the book!

Thank you so much. Your book is a beautiful work of art! While my mind tells me I don’t and couldn’t know the depths of it’s meaning, it has touched my heart. After reading from it, I set it aside to let it sink in. I sat in my garden and admired the blue sky and the sensation of the wind blowing gently. And I swear I heard an eagle!

Kind regards,


Een Betoverende Verkenning van het ware zelf, liefde en vrijheid - Recensie van "The Light in You" door Fleur Terpstra

"The Light in You" is het nieuwste en prachtige boek van Renata Hamsikova dat je meeneemt op een betoverende reis van zelfontdekking en persoonlijke groei. In dit boek combineert Renata gedichten en foto's. Zo weet zij de lezer diep te raken en te inspireren. Het eindresultaat is een voedend kunstwerk voor hart en ziel.

De gedichten in "The Light in You" zijn prachtig en sprekend. Elk gedicht is als een nieuwe reis vol introspectie en contemplatie. Renata heeft een buitengewoon vermogen om complexe emoties en ervaringen op een poëtische en toegankelijke manier te verwoorden. De gedichten roepen gevoelens op en dagen je uit om dieper na te denken over je eigen leven en de wereld om je heen.

De foto's die in dit boek zijn opgenomen, zijn door Renata zelf gemaakt. Elke foto is zorgvuldig gekozen en weerspiegelt de essentie van de bijbehorende woorden. Ze brengen emotie, schoonheid en een gevoel van verwondering over. De beelden vangen momenten van puurheid en natuurlijke pracht. Ze nodigen je uit om met een nieuwe blik naar de wereld te kijken en de schoonheid in de kleinste details te waarderen.
"The Light in You" behandelt thema's als onvoorwaardelijke liefde, innerlijke kracht en vrijheid. Het boek inspireert je om liefdevolle wijze om je eigen licht te ontdekken en te omarmen, om je ware zelf te omhelzen en je licht te laten schijnen. Het inspireert je om moedig te zijn, om te geloven in je eigen potentieel en om de liefde te laten stromen.

De combinatie van gedichten en foto's in dit boek creëert een unieke ervaring. De woorden en beelden vullen elkaar perfect aan en versterken de impact van elke bladzijde. "The Light in You" herinnert ons eraan dat we allemaal een bron van licht en liefde in onszelf hebben, en dat we het vermogen hebben om die te delen met anderen.

Kortom, "The Light in You" is een prachtig boek dat je raakt op een diep niveau verrijkt je geest en laat je achter met een hernieuwde waardering voor het leven en de kracht die in jou schuilt. Het is een kunstwerk dat je telkens opnieuw zult willen ervaren en delen met anderen. Ik beveel iedereen aan het boek te lezen.

Fleur Terpstra

© Copyright Renata Hamsikova |  All rights reserved

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